Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Is It My Left Armpit?

You have to smell good when you're an actor because you're always going on job interviews. You don't want to smell all perfumey because the waiting areas can be quite claustrophobic and it overwhelms the casting people to have an unholy mixture of smells waft past them all day.

Of course, deodorants and anti-perspirants tend to have funky stuff in them that you wouldn't want to put on your body if you knew what all those chemical names really meant. I've been seeking a natural but effective deodorant for years. Those rock deodorants work well but you have to wet them down most of the time before you apply them. I know it says "dampen" on the label, but I don't think it really works if you can't feel it being applied. The best thing is Kiss My Face. I like the lavender roll-on. It smells gently pretty and I can feel the application. I don't smell like onions when I use this stuff.

I've been out of the Kiss My Face for a few weeks now and I can only get it at certain stores. I've tried coping with the Trader Joe's cotton deodorant and the remains of my rock deodorant, but the rock is a pain and the TJ's stuff doesn't work. I bought some lavender stick the other night because it claimed to work and be all-natural. It was next to the Kiss My Face soap at the grocery store so I thought there was hope. Two days in a row I've worn brand new shirts. Two days in a row my left armpit (and left armpit only) of these new shirts has smelled like onions. The right side is fine. So is it my left armpit or the deodorant that disappoints?

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