Monday, October 16, 2006

Lesson Complete!

About two months ago, I got the "How to Play Guitar for Dummies" DVD from Netflix. See, I'm a self-taught guitarist. Andrew has helped me with a few chords when I grew impatient with the music books. The rest has all been me. The only trouble with teaching yourself is that you have to hunt down resources to correct the weaknesses that you're willing to observe about yourself.

True confession time. I had trouble with strumming patterns while singing. I also had a terrible time with finger picking. The funny part was that I met guitarists with fewer chords under their belt with better strumming and picking skills. I got the DVD to make me stronger.

I got bored with a lot of the early lessons because they covered things I already knew. I watched them anyway and picked up a thing or two that I didn't already know. Then I worked my way through some sucky folk tunes and a couple more tolerable tunes on the DVD to improve my skills. I'm not perfect, but I now have some new things to drill. I've become a better guitarist as a result of this DVD. I recommend it for anyone who wants to fill in gaps in their guitar education.

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