Saturday, October 28, 2006

Painful Blessings

We worked on our pole and chair dance for the recital in class Thursday night. The last time through for the evening, I felt a horrible pain in my neck. I tried to stretch it out and hot hyperextend anything while I helped put poles away. I drove home with the ol' crampy neck. I had Andrew put Tiger Balm on it before I went to sleep. It really hurt.

I don't usually miss a day of work for pain and suffering. If I take off, it's usually because I booked a gig or I'm going to the beach. When I awoke at 7 A.M. yesterday, I was stiff and in great pain. I could barely turn my head without wincing. There was no way I would be comfortable at work all day. I had an audition at 4 P.M. and a theatre tour at 5:15 P.M. I needed to rest up my muscles. I curled up on the heating pad and set to watching terrible daytime programming.

I wasn't able to watch much television since it sucked. I got up and plugged away at my novel until I was ready to go back to the heating pad. Yesterday's pained day off work gave me 6000 words in my novel. I have a little over 5000 words to go and I've met my quota! I was also able to communicate battered wife in my audition with understated truth. (I was already in pain. We'll see if it was too understated if they bother calling me back.) The day of neck cramping was far more productive than I could have hoped.

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