Friday, October 06, 2006

Paying It Forward

I've had some trouble with various life things over the past week. It's all been relatively minor in hindsight, but it's caused some delays on my blog updates. Sorry about that.

A tremendous mitzvah has been done in the world of music. I was depressed because my bootleg was eaten on the way home from the John Mayer concert last week. This put me in a bad mood for days. But, alas, someone who was sitting in the eighth row of the orchestra section burned a bootleg and uploaded it. I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm paying it forward. Go here to get it for yourself.

As I was in the loge section (even though I did the fan club presale), I'm sure my pics didn't turn out that great. But, alas, someone who was closer shot these pics. I'm paying them forward.

I wanted to share more pics of the pole party I attended. You can view them here. (My teacher got permission to post them on her website but I didn't try to hit anyone up for permission to use them on my blog.) For those of you who wanted to see hot chicks when I posted last week, check this stuff out.

And it seems we have a producing partner for our much delayed internet project, "The Felties." Andrew spoke with someone last night who wants to be a co-producer, and he's got the right kind of ideas for what we want to do. I'll let you know when we have new content available.

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