Monday, October 02, 2006

Too Pushy?

Andrew shelled out nearly $300 at the end of August for car sales training. He paid it to this company that I won't name unless they give me cause to name them. He quit his day job for promises of big money, then he found out that the dealership was racist and was jacking up the prices of cars as high as they possibly could.

He's been trying to recover the training money, but it's an ugly cycle. I wouldn't want to ask someone who scammed me to give money back. Wait, I would but I wouldn't be very cheerful about it. He already had to raise hell to get peanuts in the way of pay for the first two days he worked. I called the dealership today to chase up his final check which was supposed to be cut on September 20th. They somehow managed to lose his time card. I called in today and his final check will be put in the mail.

I also took the reins of the refund cycle. He may not be very happy with that, but I'd really like to recover the money and I have no problem demanding it back. (I wasn't the one who met with the guy who made all the promises, you see. Sometimes it's easier to have a friend do the breaking up for you.) I sent him an email, very clean and official. I don't care if he gets angry that the pushy wife has entered the picture. I just hope Andrew isn't upset that I'm so pushy.

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