Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wild Times in Diamond Bar

Saturday night through Sunday morning I worked background on a Ford commercial that shot in Diamond Bar. That's about 37 minutes out of Los Angeles. It was a non-union gig but it paid and it was a national commercial. What else was was I going to do all night on Saturday that paid?

I learn more and more every time I do one of these jobs. I highly recommend every actor work at least one day as background on a major production. It's a great way to see how things work, and it's an easy way to bring home actor paychecks.

I took my comics, as per usual, and read most of them before we were called to set. I did a little networking, but it wasn't one of those things where I extend my hand and tell someone what I need and want from them. It happened just because I was talking with people who were in my general area. We got to talking and I found a way I could help them and they originated a way to help me in my career. This is the kind of networking I craved for my first years in Los Angeles.

I also learned to keep my fool mouth shut. Truthfully, I don't know much about the major talent from the commercial. Her name is Kellis and she sings the song about milkshakes. That's all I really know about her. I was very careful not to put my foot in my mouth about knowing her music or pretending to know something about her popularity. I was there to work. I also said nothing bad about the company who ultimately employed me. I was there to help sell a Ford car. I've owned two Fords. I didn't give any negative opinions about the company. I heard other people talking about how the company was doing financially and comparing the car to other trendy cars. I don't pay much attention to things like that, but I did see some representatives from Ford on the set. Glad I didn't go flapping my lips saying something stupid within earshot of them. I need to be sure I keep that part of my work ethic in.

Finally, I was reminded why I need to take naps -- LONG naps -- before I go to work on these all night shoots. I get really cranky when I'm tired. It can be offensive. Actually, I become downright rude. That's not a good thing. The more tired I get, the less control I exercise over my mouth and attitude. A nice two or more hour nap before night shoots would make me nicer the next day. Of course, I spent a part of my Sunday curled up with Felicity, so that was a nice added benefit.

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