Saturday, November 25, 2006

Chicken & Waffles

Wednesday night I spent an hour in pilates and two and a half hours rehearsing "Hanky Panky" for my recital. After continuous work on my other muscles, it was time to work on my stomach. I hadn't eaten dinner and I was starving. A few of us decided to get to know each other over chicken and waffles.

Yes, I said chicken and waffles. There's this wonderful staple of Los Angeles known as Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles. It's been mentioned in numerous television shows and films. I know for a fact that Snoop Dogg likes their grub. I'd never been before. I was delightfully surprised by this little hole in the wall. It's tiny, but they get you in and out pretty quick. We went to the one in Hollywood. When I've driven past before I've noticed that there's usually a line out front.

I ordered the #13 - one succulent breast and one golden waffle. No, people don't eat the chicken on the waffle. They're served on the same plate, but you eat each thing individually. The waffle reminded me of Waffle House. Yummy. The chicken was so good that I even ate some of the skin (gasp). I brought home some mac & cheese for Andrew and it was incredible. The prices are good considering it is Los Angeles and this place is famous. I paid just under $8 for the #13. I loved this place. I would go back today if I had more moolah.

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