Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

I did my civic duty this morning, despite all odds. I never got my ballot by mail to study the issues and take to the polling place. My name and address were wiped from the local records (for my voting area). [I don't know if this was a glitch or because of my party affiliation, but I have to keep believing in the system since it's the only one we have.] I overcame the horrible fish smell at the ink-punching voting booth. I didn't yell at the big, mean lady by the door when she told me I could go home for my non-existant mailed ballot or cast a provisional vote. I didn't snarl back at the snarly woman who looked for me in the books even though it was already established I wasn't there. I got my voting sticker and Felicity took it away from me.

I do have a complaint about the lack of options for some of the offices. Every election I write in Andrew Moore for whatever office I feel he would best fill. I don't know that I'll ever permit him to run for office because he's the kind of guy who would be so wholesome he'd get shot, but I write him in so he doesn't have to campaign. I encourage everyone to write in Andrew Moore whenever they are dissatisfied with the voting options.

Vote for Andrew Moore!

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