Monday, November 06, 2006

Gnash Gnash Gnashing of Teeth

I love it when the people around me succeed. It's a lot better than being angry with them for making progress and angry with myself for not. Actors have to stick by other actors. We all have to pay to send out headshots, we all get crappy scripts from time to time, we all feel like we didn't quite nail that one audition.

Here's where I'm frustrated. I have a friend who booked a national commercial. I just saw the commercial last night for the first time. Very cool for her. I have another friend who just finished a national commercial and it will air soon. Very cool for her. Right now I'm just trying to get a new agent since mine retired during Tragic Trifecta week in February. I'd like to join their ranks of national commercial principal (and make the big bucks), but I don't get as many commercial auditions by myself as I got when I had an agent. Another thing that sucks is that it costs money to do plenty of submissions through the mail. I don't have a surplus of cash lying around right now.

I guess I ought to get busy with submissions to agents, maybe hit up my friends for referrals again.

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