Thursday, November 02, 2006

How I Spent Halloween Night

I think every year they play The Nightmare Before Christmas at the El Capitan Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. Every year that we've known about it, we've been either too busy or too broke to see it. This year we were both, so we went to see it anyway. And this year was special because it was in 3-D.

The El Capitan is a little expensive at $13 a ticket for general admission, $20 a ticket for VIP seating. Of course, they have a pre-show. For this engagement, they had a pipe organ player. That was really cool. The theatre was decorated for the film, which made it even more special.

Since it was a digital projection, the picture was clearer than the first time I saw the film years ago. I was able to take more in, and I saw more subtle nuances than I had ever noticed before.

They also have a display of puppets from the film downstairs. Andrew will probably post the photos from that since he's the puppeteer and I'm the actor.

If you find yourself in Hollywood and there's a film you wouldn't mind spending $13 a pop to see, I highly recommend you visit the El Capitan. The kids seemed to love it, and it's upscale enough for the grown ups.

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