Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm Long and I'm Strong

Last night we started doing the pole tricks for our "Hanky Panky" routine for the Body Shake next month. Since we are the master class, we have the longest list of tricks to pull from. One of the gals in class invented a new trick, so that's now the first trick of the show.

We're doing pole tricks between chunks of the chair dance. We also have the unusual problem of seven girls and six poles. This means we had to break things up so everyone gets to do tricks the same number of times. There's a group of four who does a trick then a group of three. I'm in the group of three. The other group does the new trick first. Then my group does a trick.

Our trick involves going upside down on the pole, repositioning to do a stripper push-up while inverted, repositioning our hands again, opening our legs out into a V, then sliding down the pole to land on our backs using only our hands. This means I'm supporting my entire body weight with my abs and arms while sliding upside down. Cool, right? It looks cool. I have to tighten it up this week since we have each move choreographed to the music and we're all supposed to do the stuff at the same time. I don't have the timing yet, so it looks a little sloppy right now. Oh, and the poles spin so I have to keep from spinning when I mount the pole so I land in the right spot at the end.


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