Thursday, November 16, 2006

Me? Nervous?

This is a rare look deep into my soul. Not really.

I like to keep my skills brushed up. If I know I have an audition and I need to take my guitar, I do a "cramming session" to practice what I'm going to play and to try to not look stupid. I don't get nervous about auditioning with my guitar, I just worry about looking stupid and embrace looking stupid when I must. I would feel perfectly comfortable auditioning to do pole dancing in a film or television show right now. My muscles are toned, I have the strength and the skill to deliver a great performance. My muscle memory is there.

Some skills I don't intentionally practice all the time. If I were called in to audition and had to demonstrate some kung fu moves, I'd have to spend at least a week working on my stances every day so I could just look like I knew what I was doing enough to attend the audition. I haven't done musical theatre in years. I'm sure I can still belt, but I haven't practiced musical theatre technique in a good long time. I can sing a jolly little rock tune, but it's been a while since I've even tried singing lounge music. My theatre company is holding auditions for a vaudeville show. I'll fumble my way through the dance auditions no problem. It's just the singing for the audition that makes me a little nervous. (I can't believe I actually confessed that.)

What the hell do I sing? What the hell do they want? What the hell am I doing? Why the hell am I nervous about it?


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