Friday, November 24, 2006

A New Thanksgiving Adventure

Last year we went to Medieval Times and we loved it. The great thing about being a grown-up is that you can finally do all the cool stuff your parents wouldn't let you do, couldn't afford to do, or just plain didn't want to do. Instead of sitting around a stuffy table and trying to have polite conversation so no one gets offended, we sat around a stage that was made to look like a pirate ship and shouted for carnage.

I expected Pirates Dinner Adventure to be just like Medieval Times but with pirates and swordfights instead of horses and jousting. While the show had a similar model, it was very different. The story was hard to follow at times, and they had these audience participation games with rules to complex to understand when you're busy stuffing your face with meat and potatoes. The allegence of the audience was unclear. We were prisoners when we were taken to the dining hall. We were supposed to cheer for the pirate that represented our seating section. Wait, I thought we were prisoners? Then they swore us all in as pirates, so it seemed like we should root for the pirates. But then our pirate and two others had a mutiny because they now believed in truth and justice (?) and wanted to save the princess. So who are we supposed to cheer for? Then some random pirate hunter from the pre-show shows up and we're cheering for the pirates to beat him, and the mutinous pirates board the ship and save the day. Are we supposed to be happy about that since we were sworn in as pirates, or are we supposed to be sad? What?

I loved the swordplay, the acrobatics and the stunts. The aerialist gypsy was amazing. I also liked the abundance of food. When you arrive, they feed you appetizers. I had ham, sausage, cheese, egg rolls, mini quiches, shrimp, fruit salad and ravioli. You have to buy drinks if you want them to go with your appetizers. When they usher you into the house, you have a nice salad ready for you. The entree we had was beef in a creamy wine sauce, roasted chicken (dark meat), roasted potatoes and mixed vegetables. That was really good. Then we had ice cream with chocolate sauce and apple cobbler with cherry sauce for dessert. There was complimentary beer, wine and soda during the meal. After the show they had chocolate cake and coffee available in the lobby as a nightcap. They really had lots of food. I was five pounds heavier at the end of the day than I was when I woke up.

So would I recommend it? Go there before Medieval Times. We liked Medieval Times better, but we're glad we saw this show.

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