Sunday, December 31, 2006

Best of 2006

I printed out all of my blogs for the year and put them in a binder. I figured I've learned so much by writing about my experiences that I should "publish" them. I'm re-reading them and remembering some of the great gains I made this year. My 2006 blogs cover a lots of things.

* Producing a play
* Industry lessons learned -- some that I wish I learned when I first moved to L.A.
* Great food and fun to be found around So Cal
* Stretching other artistic muscles
* Diet and exercise, particularly pole and belly dance
* Love for Andrew Moore, Felicity, and people
* Getting paid acting gigs in film and television
* Music
* Bargains
* Relationships

I keep learning new things every day. I've experienced good times and bad times this year, made mistakes and did some things right. I've lost a couple friends, found old friends and made new friends. I worked on a made-for-TV movie, two commercials and a couple television shows. I performed in three dance shows, helped host two pole dance parties, did a couple short films and acted in/produced a play. I've gotten moles removed, waxing done, haircuts, and makeovers. I've had the joy of helping lots of people with the knowledge and tools I have to hand.

In 2007, I hope to help more people. I found myself chatting with a beautiful but shy young woman waiting for a dressing room at Frederick's yesterday. Even though she was lovely, she was very self-conscious. I got her talking and found out she had lost 100 lbs. over the course of the past year and she was going over to her ex-boyfriend's house. She wanted some sexy lingerie but she wasn't entirely comfortable with her body and she felt nervous being sexy, even when she was alone in a room with the man she wanted to seduce. I gave her some pointers so she would feel confident and sexy. I told her to take a pole class. I tried to help her as best I could in the ten minutes we talked in line. I hope she got something out of the talk. I'm willing to talk about anything, so I want to help people with the things I've learned.

I hope this blog has helped you in some way and continues to help you find answers to some of your own ponderings as we enter the new year. I plan to do a lot more talking, but for now I wish you great success with your postulates, dreams and goals in 2007. Let's go kick some ass!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Festivus Miracle #20: We Met a Cool Photographer

We have to backtrack a couple weeks on this one. When I performed at Dar Maghreb, there were a lot of people who made reservations for one. The food is served family style and they don't have enough seating to put singles throughout the place, so these singles wound up at the same table in the front. Andrew Moore was one of these singles.

Between dancer numbers, they had a chance to get to know their neighbors. Andrew chatted with this cool photographer named Richard. His wife passed last year, so he started going to Renaissance faires and snapping photographs to stay busy. By some divine fate, he met Jamilla and started coming to her showcases at Dar Maghreb to snap photos.

He's an amazing photographer. He posts the photos on his website, free for the looking. You can make donations if you like what you see. He's okay with backlinks as long as you follow his copyright requirements. I hope that next time I run into him I'll be able to have more of a conversation since I was so busy dancing the last time.

Festivus Miracle #19: I Love Makeup!

I love quality makeup. It looks better and treats my skin better. As a teen, I would spend a couple dollars a bottle for Cover Girl Clean makeup because that's what my friends wore. It evened out my skin tone, but I couldn't use it today. I'm far too snobby.

I wanted makeup for Christmas. I used to use Bare Essentials but the coverage wasn't good enough for television and film. Since I sometimes get last minute audition notices (and I want to look good in life), I started using MAC. My first experience in the store was fantastic. I was treated like a queen, they applied the product for me so I'd know how it really looked, and they gave me free application tips after they did it.

I really wanted some new eyeshadow, but I wanted an actual makeup artist to select the colors for me based on what would look good. I was ready to spend money to look good. Fortunately, my boss gave me an AmEx gift card for Christmas so I could afford this trip. I went into the store two days before Christmas and told the gentleman on duty that I wanted some eyeshadow but I wanted them to select it for me. After a few questions, we established that I wanted something clean and pretty but with a little sparkle. I followed him to a makeup station and he set to work. I loved the look when it was done, so I said I'd buy three shades of shadow and one of eyeliner. He was very complimentary but not fake, making me feel good about the slate I had to work with.

We started for the counter when he asked if I wanted some lipstick or gloss. I said, "Yes, please!" So we headed back to the chair. I wanted something sparkly and I love lip gloss. He found the perfect neutral combination that complemented the eyes and made me look young and healthy. The lipstick was creamy, didn't smell bad, and felt good on my lips. The gloss was light but long-lasting. I decided to buy both the lipstick and the gloss.

I spent $90 on my eyes and lips. I was ready to spend more but I didn't have the cash available. If you have the money and the access to a MAC store, you should go in and buy something. Let them treat you like you're the most glamorous person in the world and select colors that really work for you. Once you go MAC, you won't go back.

w00+ for Festivus miracles!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Festivus Miracle #18: Andrew Moore Rocks! or Frederick's Has a Sale!

I'm still milking these pole pics for all I can. I promised plenty of 'em for Festivus, and I'm delivering on that promise.

Andrew Moore was called to the show. The producer liked the writing sample he provided and he met with him yesterday. He wants a spec treatment. If he gets this writing gig, that will be cash for us. Huzzah! At the very least, the producer likes his writing style so this could breed future work.

We're done with Christmas. We had our shopping and gift-giving completed the week before Christmas. But Andrew Moore, going above and beyond the call of duty, let me go to Frederick's after Christmas sale. I needed to exchange a bra strap, but I wanted to see if I could find something awesome and cheap at the sale. I dug through the clearance bra bins only to find sizes too small or too big. I didn't look at any sale panties. They were fresh out of my size on the regular racks on a bra I REALLY wanted. Their Santa suits were on sale but I already have one. I found a red merrywidow on sale for $30 (down from $60) and a blue cami and short set on sale for $9.50 (down from $19). Andrew Moore, supportive as ever, said, "Yes, girl, get these things. Throw in a pair of stockings. You should be encouraged and rewarded for having such good taste." So this makes this year my most prosperous lingerie year ever. Thanks to Andrew Moore.

May the Festivus miracles continue!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Festivus Miracle 17B: Merry Doodlemas!!!

Originally uploaded by scrapsflippy.
So Andrew did his drawing for me before I did the Holiday Zombie. I think he had plans all day to do this drawing because he would look at me and snicker.

What I love about this drawing is that Felicity has learned to climb the pole. I've been working with her on that trick since she was a puppy and she still hasn't mastered it in the real world. Way to go, Doodlebug!

May the Festivus miracles continue!

Festivus Miracle #17A: I Spy a Zombie

Originally uploaded by scrapsflippy.
Last year we were broke at Christmas time so we took on a bunch of activities to keep us entertained. This year we did our presents about a week or two before the holiday so we needed something to do on Christmas day (besides eat). Andrew had the great idea that we draw something for one another.

Andrew Moore is really intimidating when it comes to drawing. He's Mr. Cartoon. How can I compete with that? So I had to find some divine inspiration in the house. What I lack in technique I could make up for in content.

That's when I saw Piper sleeping on the couch with her lower lids sagging. She looked like a zombie, and the perfect inspiration for my Christmas drawing for Andrew.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Festivus Miracle #16: This [Insert Product Name] Is for You

I booked a commercial that shot last Tuesday. Sure, I was just in the background but you will see me in the national commercial when it airs. It's for a major beer brand (think party beer that's pretty inexpensive).

I was surprised to book something the week of Christmas. There weren't many casting notices put out last week. This was one I submitted for the week before. I didn't make much money, but I will be paid (which I still haven't gotten paid for that night on the skater film in July).

It may be a Super Bowl commercial. I'm not sure. It's a courtroom scene, and I'm behind the defendant who looks like a mafia guy. I'm wearing some crazy old dress and a fuzzy green sweater. You'll see the fuzzy green sweater in the commercial. You may not see my face at all, but you will see that fuzzy green sweater.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Festivus Miracle #15: Felicity Makes Birthday Despite Continued Badness

I love my dog. She's really cute. She gave us hell when we tried doing Christmas card photos. She barked at me continuously when I was doing holiday baking. She's knocked things down, chewed things up, pooped in the wrong places and eaten random poop. She's stepped on vaginas, nuts, stomachs and heads. And through it all, she made it to her first birthday on Tuesday night.

I was out most of the day, but we decided to give her McDonald's for her birthday since when we get Mcbreakfast on the Mcweekend she acts like a little Mcterrorist and tries to hijack our Mcsandwiches and/or Mcyogurt. She had a short-lived party, but she loved her Mcbirthday meal. She's a Mccutie.

Festivus Miracle #14: Reindeer Puppets

We attended an open house at the Conservatory of Puppetry Arts on Sunday. They had a cute, little exhibit of puppetry throughout the ages and a display of holiday puppets. The had hot cider, cookies, and a handful of bazaar tables where one could buy puppets, dolls, jewelry, and miscellaneous other stuff.

My favorite part was the reindeer puppet craft table. With cardboard tubes, some brown paper for ears, googly eyes, a fuzzball, some yarn, string and pipe cleaners, we were able to make these simple marionettes. (Mine is the one on the left. Andrew's is the short one on the right.) This was the best part of the afternoon for me. We've made so many crafty things this year between this and the Getty. I'm not sure what we're going to do with them since they aren't built to withstand dogs. It was a Festivus miracle anyway.

Insert gratuitous holiday dance picture.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Festivus Miracle #13: Bras & Boobs

(I talk about everything. You shouldn't be surprised by this posting.)

I bought my first bra when I was twelve. I don't think they made training bras back then. I barely had anything to train, but I needed something to smash down my nubs while the rest of the area filled out. I think I found a 28AA or 28A bra, and I had to sew up the cups so the bra looked more normal. By the time I was thirteen, I managed to fill that bra and was able to let out the cups. I was always younger than my classmates, so it was a little embarassing in gym class having a flat chest or nubs when there was always that girl who had perfect C cups at age ten.

At age fifteen, I was a 32B. I was finally moving up the bra heirarchy. The bras were prettier and even came with wires to lift everything up (and there was finally something to lift). I remember getting the same Vassarette bra in turquoise, maroon and black. Of course, in those days there weren't any nude bras -- you'd have to wear a white bra under white t-shirts and that would just make the white stronger in the area the bra covered.

When I was seventeen, my best friend Erin and I would go bra shopping together. We bought the exact same Hanes Her Way white bras, and I think we bought the same size. I started taking the pill and my hormones were raging, so I shouldn't have been so surprised when I graduated to a bigger bra. I remember saying aloud in the dressing room, "Wow! I think I'm too big for this bra. I think I need a C cup." I recall Erin calling me a bitch. I weighed 95 lbs. and I wore a 32C. I've been in this bra size since.

I hate going to Victoria's Secret because they don't carry most bras in a 32C. They always offer to measure me then tell me to try a 34B because it's the "sister size." I always want to say, "Screw you guys. I'm not being demoted a cup size because you can't make bras in the right size." But they usually go get the drawer of bras for me to try on in a stupid 34B or 34C (which I sometimes fill) and I grumble while I try on the stupid bras that are too loose in the band. I wind up settling on a 34C or a 34B (if I want any cleavage).

But this year a miracle happened. I was at Frederick's getting a bra to wear under my Slutty Claus outfit. I needed clear straps. They showed me some lovely lifting bras, and they had lots of colors in 32C. Huzzah! I tried the 32C and it was a bit tight and my boobs heaved. (Now, the padding is just to add extra oomph and doesn't lie on the cup size for boob that's not already there.) What?! The sales girl grabbed a 34B (grumble grumble) and it was too loose in the band. I started laughing and asked for a 32D. (I never thought the day would come. I weigh 105-106 lbs. That's a lot of boob for a size 2.) I tried on the 32D and it fit. I couldn't believe it. I laughed and laughed.

I wound up buying the 32C because I wanted my boobs to heave. The D would've contained everything but there would be far less heaving.

The moral of the story: shop at Fredericks for all your boob needs.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Festivus Miracle #12: Slutty Cookies

I love doing Betty Crocker things. My mom was always into baking as I was growing up, and I picked it up from her.

I also love giving people gifts. That's why I made Hanky Panky cookies for my mates still in the master class. We had a couple girls from Santa Baby (advanced class) move up into the master class. I decorated the cookies to match our outfits. Cute, huh?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Festivus Miracle #11: Christmas Cards

Every year we try to do something fun and personal with our Christmas cards. I don't always make the time to write letters or call everyone I know to tell them what we're doing, which dogs we've traded in and how good we look. Surprisingly, not everyone I know reads my blog to find out. (I still don't get that.) Some years we get so busy we don't get the Christmas cards out until after Christmas. That's something we always struggle against.

We did our Christmas card photo Sunday afternoon. If it was just me and Andrew, it would've been easy. We decided to use the pole in the living room because no one else has a pole, it's a fun novelty, and most people on my Christmas card list know that I pole dance for fun and fitness. I put on my "Hanky Panky" outfit, Andrew put on a matching shirt and Santa hat, and we put sparkly red neckerchiefs on the girls. He decorated the living room and we put the camera on a tripod. Since I wanted to do a pole trick, he had to wrangle the dogs into frame while I hit the timer button. After several shots (and chasing Felicity around the house to get her to come back for the photo), we got a winner.

I sent the digital pic to the place where I usually get my headshots reproduced. We're doing postcards this year because it's easier. Of course, the winning image is worth more than any dime store boxed cards we would ever have purchased. If you want on our "mailing list" (for holiday cards and event promotions), send me an email at pamdrew79AThotmailDOTcom. (Replace the caps with the symbols and NUTS TO THE SPAMMERS!) I'll need your first and last name since they're not always part of the email address, your mailing address, and in the subject line (so it doesn't get filtered out) type "I WANT MOORE!"

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Festivus Miracle #10: Andrew Moore Gets Called to the Show

Andrew has been writing for a while. He's really good at it. Seriously. It's pretty handy for me to have him around because I can throw out ideas or tell him something I want to try and he'll write it. His work is very natural-sounding -- he writes like people actually talk. This is a blessing for an actor because the lines aren't stiff and the language isn't unrealistically complex. It's always easier for an actor to take the words on the page and bring them to life when the words lend themselves to being said. (You'd be surprised at the number of scripts out there that don't lend themselves to being performed.)

Andrew got a call yesterday morning from a guy who does independent horror films. He had a writer who took a full-time job and is unavailable to write a script for a film that shoots in March. (For the record, Andrew has a job and activities and still managed to do NaNoWriMo.) Andrew had to email five pages of dialogue to the producer so he could see his writing style. If he gets it, it will pay. I don't know how much, but it will pay.

I'm not counting any chickens on this one. He may get the job, he may not. It's like me going on auditions. You never know exactly what they want. However, I will celebrate the fact that he got a break. He got the opportunity to show his wares to someone who can give his career a boost. That's incredible!

May the Festivus miracles continue!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Festivus Miracle #9: Crackers

Our friend Pete has a web series called "The Five Minute Show." Pete is a funny guy, and he incorporates puppets, guest stars and clever editing into his well-written show. Andrew and I enjoy watching the show.

One thing we don't enjoy is Brookers. Brookers is all the rage on YouTube and she managed to get a production deal with some Hollywood person as a result of her video diary. It's not well-communicated, it's not poignant, it's rarely funny. Yet this girl gets tons of viewings a week. It may be because of people like me complaining about it and making it known. It may also be because it's like gawking at a car wreck.

So we combined our love of Pete and "The Five Minute Show" with our dislike of Brookers and came up with Crackers. This was shot in our home office and Andrew did the editing of Crackers. Pete did the wraparound. I love the ending.

Watch and enjoy. May the Festivus miracles continue.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Festivus Miracle #8: My Hips Don't Lie

I've noticed something strange and interesting since my belly dance performance at Dar Maghreb. The movements I've been studying in class once a week (on weeks when I didn't have other activities) for the past six months are finally becoming natural to me. (My friend "Lotus" from class is in the pics with me. She does awesome arm work.)

Belly dance isn't hard. It's demanding. You have to train your body to move in ways it never has before. Of course, this is true of all dance styles. The performance was a breakthrough for me. I think that improved my technique significantly. I can isolate and execute the basics way better than I could before last Tuesday night. Strange.

May the Festivus miracles continue!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Festivus Miracle #7: The Dance Audition

The agents who came to the Holiday Shake on Sunday wanted to see me and a couple of other girls from the show for the 1950s revue they want to do. So Mika (far end), Janna (blonde in the middle) and I went.
Let me just preface this by saying that I've been on a handful of dance auditions. A couple of those were in college for musicals, and I was a shoo-in. One was a disco audition for a student film, but it was just me and the production team in the audition roon, no music, and they wanted more of a The Sweetest Thing disco scene than a Saturday Night Fever disco scene. I'm sure they laughed their asses of when I left. I was more of a Saturday Night Fever type, and I didn't know what they hell they wanted. The other audition was for a pole dancing part but it didn't pay, I got cast, they were disorganized and called me an hour before they wanted me there. That didn't happen.
I didn't know what I was in for at this audition. I knew they were going to have a choreographer there. I didn't think the choreography would be too difficult because it was for a 1950s muscial revue, but we wound up learning some stuff to that genie in a bottle song. Eh. I did okay with that. Mika was done before I went in, but Janna and I were there together. We moved pretty well and got in. The show looks really cute. First performance is January 14. We start rehearsals this week.

I expected to sing for the audition as well, even though the only thing I had time to prepare was "Turn Back O' Man" from Godspell. When he asked the handful of us who were there if we sang, there was a girl who said she sings on a regular basis for her pay and another girl who has a rock band who sings and plays guitar (I'm assuming better than me). I decided to sit back and let them sing for now and I can work something up and bring it in, maybe even work something up with Janna since she harmonizes.

So now I'm in another show. As a dancer. Let the Festivus miracles continue!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Festivus Miracle #6: Three Kings

Today I celebrate three Johns, all music royalty in my eyes.

We'll start with my favorite musical John -- John Lennon. Yesterday was the 26th anniversary of his murder. We went last year and people were gathered around his star in front of the Capitol Records building, singing songs, crying and leaving poems, cards and flowers at the impromptu John shrine. This year we went earlier in the evening. Parking was better, and we were among the first to honor John, one of the most amazing songwriters ever. I always get a little sobby inside when I think about the loss of such an amazing talent. His work still affects people today as if it were fresh on the airwaves. I think visiting John's star may become a Moore tradition. For me, it's a little like praying to the music gods to smile on me by bestowing an inkling of his kind of talent upon me. (That WOULD be a Festivus miracle.)

On to brighter things, we picked up a Johnny Cash CD for a song at Wal-Mart this week. We saw Walk the Line last winter and loved it. The CD wasn't the best recording, but the sound quality didn't keep Mr. Cash from tickling me with his great music. That man was an amazing storyteller, and even if the songs weren't deeply personal (or true), he always sounded sincere. When I think of great storytellers who captivate audiences, I think of Johnny Cash.

And the last John is Mr. Mayer. Dude is a guitar genius and an even better songwriter. He's just been nominated for five Grammys. w00+! This kid is really talented and deserves great success. He is the Eric Clapton of my generation with a knack for words and clever turns of phrase. I'm honored to be a member of Local-83, and I probably will be as long as it's around. Snaps to him for finally getting a modicum of the recognition he deserves from the music industry.

I would happily dance any day of the week to music by any of these genius Johns. (Insert gratuitous holiday pole dance photo.)

May the Festivus miracles continue!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Festivus Miracle #5: Go Go-Go

I see so many casting notices in search of go-go dancers. In my laziness, I never bothered looking it up on YouTube or Wikipedia to give me a better understanding of it. I know they wear go-go boots, much like we wore for "Hanky Panky." I also know it originated in the 1960s. That's it. I didn't know anything about how it looked or how you did it. I figured it used to involve some of that crazy hand jive business.

For this session of the pole master class, my teacher decided to shake things up and teach us go-go dancing. It's not at all what I imagined. It's sexy, groovy, and it gives an awesome cardio workout. We were all sweaty within ten minutes of starting. No wonder go-go dancers wear so little clothing! I don't know how long a go-go dancer's set usually lasts, but I would imagine they would need water every two songs or so. Most of what you see on television shows with pole dancing is actually go-go dancing with little to no incorporation of pole tricks.

Anyway, I'm learning a new special skill that builds on a special skill I already have, and I'm burning fat while doing it. It's a Festivus miracle!

(The pictures aren't specifically go-go related, except for the fact I wore pleather go-go boots for the show and they helped me grip the pole better while upside-down.)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Festivus Miracle #4: First Belly Dance Showcase

Tuesday night I came into my own as a belly dancer -- sort of. My classmates and I took our routine to Dar Maghreb in Hollywood. We performed our routine together, and my classmates (who have more belly dance technique down and probably made it to more classes than I did) did solos. I had fun doing the group routine twice, and I didn't regret not signing up to do a solo. I want to have better technique so I feel I can improvise with the style better before trying to work a room for tips. I also just got over the flu and did three dance numbers Sunday that I busted my butt to get perfect.

What was great about doing what I did and watching the solos was that I realized it wouldn't take much more technique before I felt confident doing a solo. I could easily improvise a pole routine because I know a lot of moves, but I won't be ready to go it alone on the belly dance until February. I learned that people have to touch you to tip you, so it's important to have accessible places for them to stick cash -- waistbands, belts, bra straps. It's best to have music that you love as a dancer. It's also important to smile. I executed a couple moves incorrectly but I was smiling and no one was the wiser.

It's neat doing live, interactive dance. My veil got caught on my hip scarf coins and I had to work it free while smiling and trying to do the routine. My hip scarf got caught on another dancer's rhinestone belt when we were doing the hafla (belly dance "all-skate" that requires audience participation) at the end of the night. I had to smile and keep dancing so she could free us from one another. I had to hold my veil above my head when I was spinning so I didn't drag it through anyone's dinner plates, but that exposed the lowest part of my boobs. There are so many things that were unrehearsed that happened, and the magic of live performance is that you can't just edit them out in post-production. It's fun.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Festivus Miracle #3: Someone Comes to the Show and Offers Me a Job

I sent out 300 postcards with a cute picture of me upside-down on the pole to agents, casting directors and a few to friends. I tend to send out postcards with my picture whenever I do a show so I can announce to them what I'm doing and remind them that I'm here. This postcard had the added benefit of demonstrating a special skill that I've acquired, leaving no question in their minds that I can do it. I've never had an industry person approach me after a show and tell me they came because of my postcard.

Sunday was the end of never. An agent came, saw me dance my fanny off, and said he wanted to talk to me about commercial representation. Huzzah! He also said he and his wife are putting together a 1950s revival show in the Valley and they were looking for singers and dancers. It's not paid yet, but it is a job and I'm sure they want people to come see the show so they can get investors and we can get paid off it. He invited some of the other dancers to come and audition for him this weekend. He and his wife seem really nice, and the show sounds fun.

May the Festivus miracles continue!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Festivus Miracle #2: Andrew Moore Made Dinner

On my myspace blog, I mentioned that the second Festivus miracle would be if Andrew Moore made dinner after my show because I was sure to be tired. And do you know what? I was tired. And know what else? He made dinner. Sure, it was a simple dinner from Trader Joe's that he popped in the convection oven for the appropriate amount of time, but he did it.

But wait, folks, there's more! When I had a case of the flu from the late hours of Wednesday night through early Friday morning, Andrew Moore was there. He brought me a bucket so there wasn't a gruesome scene of vomit all over the bed and carpet, which later prevented me from having to change clothes multiple times when the flu decided my food should evacuate the body from both ends simultaneously. Thursday morning Andrew Moore headed for the local Walgreens to stock up on crackers and drink for a weary, twelve-times puked stomach. He set up a little television by the bed, took my temperature, fed and pooped the dogs. He came home early to try to help me get better faster for the dress rehearsal I missed due to fever. He took my temperature several times Thursday night, paced the floor sweaty-palmed while I let my fever hit 102, gnashing his teeth when I said I wouldn't go to the hospital unless the fever was higher and I sure as hell wasn't taking Tylenol yet because I didn't want to feel wooden. Yes, folks, Andrew Moore made my celebratory broth Friday morning when the fever was gone and my clothes were soaked with sweat. He didn't pester me to go anywhere or do anything. He just fed me, cared for the dogs and me, and he let me sleep.

Yes, everyone needs an Andrew Moore in their lives. I think that would truly be a Festivus miracle.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Festivus Miracle #1: Holiday Shake

I've been too busy to blog for a few days between having the flu and my dance recital. But yesterday was the big day. Andrew took so many pictures that I'll have to share a few at a time but it should keep the month interesting. To start things off right, here's a picture of me from each of my routines - belly dance,

"Minnie the Moocher" (flapper dress)

and "Hanky Panky" (Santa suit). Enjoy.