Thursday, December 14, 2006

Festivus Miracle #11: Christmas Cards

Every year we try to do something fun and personal with our Christmas cards. I don't always make the time to write letters or call everyone I know to tell them what we're doing, which dogs we've traded in and how good we look. Surprisingly, not everyone I know reads my blog to find out. (I still don't get that.) Some years we get so busy we don't get the Christmas cards out until after Christmas. That's something we always struggle against.

We did our Christmas card photo Sunday afternoon. If it was just me and Andrew, it would've been easy. We decided to use the pole in the living room because no one else has a pole, it's a fun novelty, and most people on my Christmas card list know that I pole dance for fun and fitness. I put on my "Hanky Panky" outfit, Andrew put on a matching shirt and Santa hat, and we put sparkly red neckerchiefs on the girls. He decorated the living room and we put the camera on a tripod. Since I wanted to do a pole trick, he had to wrangle the dogs into frame while I hit the timer button. After several shots (and chasing Felicity around the house to get her to come back for the photo), we got a winner.

I sent the digital pic to the place where I usually get my headshots reproduced. We're doing postcards this year because it's easier. Of course, the winning image is worth more than any dime store boxed cards we would ever have purchased. If you want on our "mailing list" (for holiday cards and event promotions), send me an email at pamdrew79AThotmailDOTcom. (Replace the caps with the symbols and NUTS TO THE SPAMMERS!) I'll need your first and last name since they're not always part of the email address, your mailing address, and in the subject line (so it doesn't get filtered out) type "I WANT MOORE!"

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