Thursday, December 21, 2006

Festivus Miracle #15: Felicity Makes Birthday Despite Continued Badness

I love my dog. She's really cute. She gave us hell when we tried doing Christmas card photos. She barked at me continuously when I was doing holiday baking. She's knocked things down, chewed things up, pooped in the wrong places and eaten random poop. She's stepped on vaginas, nuts, stomachs and heads. And through it all, she made it to her first birthday on Tuesday night.

I was out most of the day, but we decided to give her McDonald's for her birthday since when we get Mcbreakfast on the Mcweekend she acts like a little Mcterrorist and tries to hijack our Mcsandwiches and/or Mcyogurt. She had a short-lived party, but she loved her Mcbirthday meal. She's a Mccutie.

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