Friday, December 29, 2006

Festivus Miracle #19: I Love Makeup!

I love quality makeup. It looks better and treats my skin better. As a teen, I would spend a couple dollars a bottle for Cover Girl Clean makeup because that's what my friends wore. It evened out my skin tone, but I couldn't use it today. I'm far too snobby.

I wanted makeup for Christmas. I used to use Bare Essentials but the coverage wasn't good enough for television and film. Since I sometimes get last minute audition notices (and I want to look good in life), I started using MAC. My first experience in the store was fantastic. I was treated like a queen, they applied the product for me so I'd know how it really looked, and they gave me free application tips after they did it.

I really wanted some new eyeshadow, but I wanted an actual makeup artist to select the colors for me based on what would look good. I was ready to spend money to look good. Fortunately, my boss gave me an AmEx gift card for Christmas so I could afford this trip. I went into the store two days before Christmas and told the gentleman on duty that I wanted some eyeshadow but I wanted them to select it for me. After a few questions, we established that I wanted something clean and pretty but with a little sparkle. I followed him to a makeup station and he set to work. I loved the look when it was done, so I said I'd buy three shades of shadow and one of eyeliner. He was very complimentary but not fake, making me feel good about the slate I had to work with.

We started for the counter when he asked if I wanted some lipstick or gloss. I said, "Yes, please!" So we headed back to the chair. I wanted something sparkly and I love lip gloss. He found the perfect neutral combination that complemented the eyes and made me look young and healthy. The lipstick was creamy, didn't smell bad, and felt good on my lips. The gloss was light but long-lasting. I decided to buy both the lipstick and the gloss.

I spent $90 on my eyes and lips. I was ready to spend more but I didn't have the cash available. If you have the money and the access to a MAC store, you should go in and buy something. Let them treat you like you're the most glamorous person in the world and select colors that really work for you. Once you go MAC, you won't go back.

w00+ for Festivus miracles!

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