Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Festivus Miracle #2: Andrew Moore Made Dinner

On my myspace blog, I mentioned that the second Festivus miracle would be if Andrew Moore made dinner after my show because I was sure to be tired. And do you know what? I was tired. And know what else? He made dinner. Sure, it was a simple dinner from Trader Joe's that he popped in the convection oven for the appropriate amount of time, but he did it.

But wait, folks, there's more! When I had a case of the flu from the late hours of Wednesday night through early Friday morning, Andrew Moore was there. He brought me a bucket so there wasn't a gruesome scene of vomit all over the bed and carpet, which later prevented me from having to change clothes multiple times when the flu decided my food should evacuate the body from both ends simultaneously. Thursday morning Andrew Moore headed for the local Walgreens to stock up on crackers and drink for a weary, twelve-times puked stomach. He set up a little television by the bed, took my temperature, fed and pooped the dogs. He came home early to try to help me get better faster for the dress rehearsal I missed due to fever. He took my temperature several times Thursday night, paced the floor sweaty-palmed while I let my fever hit 102, gnashing his teeth when I said I wouldn't go to the hospital unless the fever was higher and I sure as hell wasn't taking Tylenol yet because I didn't want to feel wooden. Yes, folks, Andrew Moore made my celebratory broth Friday morning when the fever was gone and my clothes were soaked with sweat. He didn't pester me to go anywhere or do anything. He just fed me, cared for the dogs and me, and he let me sleep.

Yes, everyone needs an Andrew Moore in their lives. I think that would truly be a Festivus miracle.

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