Friday, December 29, 2006

Festivus Miracle #20: We Met a Cool Photographer

We have to backtrack a couple weeks on this one. When I performed at Dar Maghreb, there were a lot of people who made reservations for one. The food is served family style and they don't have enough seating to put singles throughout the place, so these singles wound up at the same table in the front. Andrew Moore was one of these singles.

Between dancer numbers, they had a chance to get to know their neighbors. Andrew chatted with this cool photographer named Richard. His wife passed last year, so he started going to Renaissance faires and snapping photographs to stay busy. By some divine fate, he met Jamilla and started coming to her showcases at Dar Maghreb to snap photos.

He's an amazing photographer. He posts the photos on his website, free for the looking. You can make donations if you like what you see. He's okay with backlinks as long as you follow his copyright requirements. I hope that next time I run into him I'll be able to have more of a conversation since I was so busy dancing the last time.

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