Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Festivus Miracle #3: Someone Comes to the Show and Offers Me a Job

I sent out 300 postcards with a cute picture of me upside-down on the pole to agents, casting directors and a few to friends. I tend to send out postcards with my picture whenever I do a show so I can announce to them what I'm doing and remind them that I'm here. This postcard had the added benefit of demonstrating a special skill that I've acquired, leaving no question in their minds that I can do it. I've never had an industry person approach me after a show and tell me they came because of my postcard.

Sunday was the end of never. An agent came, saw me dance my fanny off, and said he wanted to talk to me about commercial representation. Huzzah! He also said he and his wife are putting together a 1950s revival show in the Valley and they were looking for singers and dancers. It's not paid yet, but it is a job and I'm sure they want people to come see the show so they can get investors and we can get paid off it. He invited some of the other dancers to come and audition for him this weekend. He and his wife seem really nice, and the show sounds fun.

May the Festivus miracles continue!

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