Saturday, December 09, 2006

Festivus Miracle #6: Three Kings

Today I celebrate three Johns, all music royalty in my eyes.

We'll start with my favorite musical John -- John Lennon. Yesterday was the 26th anniversary of his murder. We went last year and people were gathered around his star in front of the Capitol Records building, singing songs, crying and leaving poems, cards and flowers at the impromptu John shrine. This year we went earlier in the evening. Parking was better, and we were among the first to honor John, one of the most amazing songwriters ever. I always get a little sobby inside when I think about the loss of such an amazing talent. His work still affects people today as if it were fresh on the airwaves. I think visiting John's star may become a Moore tradition. For me, it's a little like praying to the music gods to smile on me by bestowing an inkling of his kind of talent upon me. (That WOULD be a Festivus miracle.)

On to brighter things, we picked up a Johnny Cash CD for a song at Wal-Mart this week. We saw Walk the Line last winter and loved it. The CD wasn't the best recording, but the sound quality didn't keep Mr. Cash from tickling me with his great music. That man was an amazing storyteller, and even if the songs weren't deeply personal (or true), he always sounded sincere. When I think of great storytellers who captivate audiences, I think of Johnny Cash.

And the last John is Mr. Mayer. Dude is a guitar genius and an even better songwriter. He's just been nominated for five Grammys. w00+! This kid is really talented and deserves great success. He is the Eric Clapton of my generation with a knack for words and clever turns of phrase. I'm honored to be a member of Local-83, and I probably will be as long as it's around. Snaps to him for finally getting a modicum of the recognition he deserves from the music industry.

I would happily dance any day of the week to music by any of these genius Johns. (Insert gratuitous holiday pole dance photo.)

May the Festivus miracles continue!

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