Sunday, December 10, 2006

Festivus Miracle #7: The Dance Audition

The agents who came to the Holiday Shake on Sunday wanted to see me and a couple of other girls from the show for the 1950s revue they want to do. So Mika (far end), Janna (blonde in the middle) and I went.
Let me just preface this by saying that I've been on a handful of dance auditions. A couple of those were in college for musicals, and I was a shoo-in. One was a disco audition for a student film, but it was just me and the production team in the audition roon, no music, and they wanted more of a The Sweetest Thing disco scene than a Saturday Night Fever disco scene. I'm sure they laughed their asses of when I left. I was more of a Saturday Night Fever type, and I didn't know what they hell they wanted. The other audition was for a pole dancing part but it didn't pay, I got cast, they were disorganized and called me an hour before they wanted me there. That didn't happen.
I didn't know what I was in for at this audition. I knew they were going to have a choreographer there. I didn't think the choreography would be too difficult because it was for a 1950s muscial revue, but we wound up learning some stuff to that genie in a bottle song. Eh. I did okay with that. Mika was done before I went in, but Janna and I were there together. We moved pretty well and got in. The show looks really cute. First performance is January 14. We start rehearsals this week.

I expected to sing for the audition as well, even though the only thing I had time to prepare was "Turn Back O' Man" from Godspell. When he asked the handful of us who were there if we sang, there was a girl who said she sings on a regular basis for her pay and another girl who has a rock band who sings and plays guitar (I'm assuming better than me). I decided to sit back and let them sing for now and I can work something up and bring it in, maybe even work something up with Janna since she harmonizes.

So now I'm in another show. As a dancer. Let the Festivus miracles continue!

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