Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I did a makeup pole class Sunday night since I was out with a sore shoulder on Thursday. I got to hang out with the new batch of girls in the advanced class. They're just starting to learn how to go upside down, so they do a lot of ab work before class.

Now, I've been in class for a while and I think I've been going upside down for six months. I do some ab work before every class but I've never been this sore. My upper abs are achy, especially when I laugh. We did something new that I've never done before in the warm up. Wow. My arms are sore as well since I did the caterpillar for a while.

And I'm following this up by dancing at two concerts.

Monday, January 29, 2007


(Photo recycled for ease of posting.)

I'm leaving town really early Wednesday morning to do the John Mayer winter tour pilgrimmage in the South. It's amazing how much stuff has to get done before I go on a trip. What's even more amazing is that I get most of it done. If only I could keep my production level as high the rest of the time.

Today's plans include getting most of a week's worth of office work done, submissions for work when I return, banking, packing, and figuring out what to put in the crock pot for Andrew Moore to eat while I'm gone.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dressing Up

I had an audition last Saturday for a short film about a burlesque dancer in 1948. I have dance experience and I know how to do stripper moves, so it was a good role to go out for.

Of course, whenever I go out for a role, I try to dress in a modern but appropriate fashion for the type of character I'm been auditioned for. I wear jeans a lot, but I try to communicate the style the character would have in modern day. For the burlesque role, I threw on my Christmas corset, a tuxedo shirt, pinstripe pants and tall shoes. I curled my hair because it makes me look softer. I've been to lots of auditions where they tell you to wear specific clothes so they can tell how you move and look in them. It helps me get into character when I dress as the character might dress today. I had to move sexy because of what I was wearing.

When I arrived at the audition, there were two other girls auditioning for the role. Both were wearing jeans and hoodies -- what I would wear on a normal day. There was an old guy in the hall in business casual who was auditioning for a role, as was a younger guy. I went in, did my monologue, they laughed and told me I'd know by Friday (yesterday) if they wanted to see me again.

I didn't get a call from them. Was I too hot? I hope the person who did get the role at least ran a brush through her hair before she arrived at the audition.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Kissing . . . and My Ass

I want to give you some spice since yesterday's blog was spiceless.
I got a very valuable piece of relationship advice from "The Greg Behrendt Show" that I did on Wednesday. He said that a kiss is like a movie preview -- if you don't like the preview, you don't go to the movie. If the first kiss is terrible, he said the relationship won't work. This made perfect sense to me. I think that if you're a compatible kisser, then the relationship has a chance.

And now, my ass. Last week at Griffith, we discovered that you "weigh" yourself on other planets. I discovered how much I weigh on Uranus. We also got to find the orbit of Uranus. Good times.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Talk Show Work

Yesterday I worked as an audience member on Greg Behrendt's talk show. Why? It paid (not more than the ol' day job, but it did pay something), and I wanted free stuff in case they had any audience give-aways.

It was a full eight-hour day with one show taped in the morning and the other taped after lunch. I liked the crew, and everyone treated us well. After collecting up our cell phones and driver's licenses as we walked through the metal detectors, we were ushered into a room to wait to be loaded onto the set. Since I was a first-timer, I was put in the front row. (You can see me in a green sweater, tan blazer and gray pants in the episode with marriage proposals.)

I enjoyed the show a lot more than I expected. Dude's pretty funny, and he helps people confront their problems in a no-nonsense but friendly way. It helped that I got a free hat, keychain, box of chocolates and a "pocket makeover kit." My hands are still sore from all the applause. Oh well. The show isn't renewed for another season so this Friday is the last day of shooting.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Town

When we moved to Los Angeles in 2001, we drove up to Griffith Observatory to look down on our new home. The observatory itself was closed, but we could access the roof and look out at the city. Even though it was big and scary at times, it was beautiful.

Friday night we were able to take pictures of our town. It's still beautiful and breathtaking after five years. It really feels like home.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Worst . . . Yogurt . . . Ever

I usually like yogurt. I'll eat plain yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit and a packet of Splenda for breakfast, or I'll pick up McYogurt on my way to work. I don't mind the taste. In fact, I think McYogurt is a little too sweet. I tend to like frozen yogurt because it usually tastes just like soft serve ice cream but maybe not as sweet,

After a lunch on the run, Andrew and I rounded the corner at a shopping center in search of ice cream. I knew that this new store replaced a coffee shop, and I only assumed that they had ice cream since I saw two people in the area carrying around sundaes. We went inside the ultra modern and bubbly shop and stood in line for five to ten minutes, waiting to order. We found out it was frozen yogurt, and you could get original or green tea with stuff thrown on top. Andrew HATES yogurt, but I told him that frozen yogurt tends to taste like ice cream so he might like it. We each ordered a small -- his was original with Fruity Pebbles and mine was green tea. We waited another five minutes for them to make it, squeezed past a gaggle of excited children to grab spoons, and headed out the door.

Andrew took one bite and HATED it. The taste haunted him. I tasted mine and it was gross and tart in a way that was unholy. Yuck. I had him shake his Fruity Pebbles onto mine when we reached the nearest garbage can so they wouldn't go to waste. I ate the Pebbles on the way to a local coffee shop where we would try to evacuate the taste from our mouths. We wasted $7 on the crappiest frozen yogurt ever, but I've spent far more on food I've liked far less.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

"We're always buzzin' just like neon, neon"

For Andrew's birthday, I took him to Griffith Observatory. We're both nerdy, so I thought this would be the perfect outing. (For those of you planning anything for an Andrew Moore, they prefer outings to presents.) We took lots of pictures, so I'll post those over the next few days.

After a 20 minute bus ride from the parking lot (which costs $8 a person, but Griffith is mostly free), we arrived at the lawn of Griffith. We headed for the front door (against the advice from the instructional video we watched on the bus). We had a delicious view of the city. Since this was our first time to actually go inside, we were making our own rules. We bought planetarium tickets and headed for the room with the sun exhibit. They have a scope aimed directly at the sun so you can observe it without that pesky retina searing that we've all been warned about as kids. Of course, it was evening so the sun was unavailable. We saw video of solar flares and how big different stars are, and we even got to see the periodic table! This room was nerd delight!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Greek Tragedy

Yesterday morning came with a herald warning that we're waiting (waiting)
Waiting for the world to change.
I adorned my toga and headed off to toil the fields
Digging numbers from the ground and sorting them for the Gods,
Considering that maybe this sacrifice would make them pleased with me.
This day I would return home and dress in royal robes
For the Gods smiled upon me and granted me a
Great Audition Opportunity.
As this play told the story of Medea, Electra, Phaedra and Antigone
All as Homeless Women in the Modern Day,
I went to the Oracle of Wikipedia for guidance.
I was charioted home with great speed to consider the words of the Oracle --
"Daughter of Oedipus, sentenced by the king to starve in a cave, hanged herself."
In my haste, my Cellular Phone was abandoned to its fate on
The Great Paper Laden Altar in the fields.
As my Great Audition was scheduled for Wednesday at six and thirty,
I was charioted away in my royal robes from my home.
Alas, there was no answer at the Director's door, and my chariot had to lap the block as
Hateful Chariot Valets had taken all the parking spaces on the street.
I was frozen, my knocks unanswered, and I felt starvation closing in on me.
Doodlebug had taken my glove, and the night air stole the warmth from my body.
No Cellular Phone, no chariot.
My chariot driver found me, starved and frozen, and passed me his Cellular Phone.
I called the Director.
When she said Wednesday, she meant Wednesday Next.

At least now I have a chance to read the play with all my research to hand.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Winter Shirts . . . Finally!

Our winter shirts came in yesterday. I was getting a little concerned because I got an email notice a week ago that they were being sent via priority mail. But they made it. Andrew and I tried on our shirts, and Felicity was so excited about the winter shirt that she began to lick me and the shirt.

To celebrate, I spent about 20 minutes pole dancing in the living room. It's been a while since I just put on music and danced at home. I actually worked up a little sweat. That was the warmest I've been in a week. I reviewed my old tricks and worked on a couple new ones, including one I saw on YouTube.

Now I have to keep my sanity while I wait for my tickets. I leave in two weeks, and I'm expecting concert tickets for two shows. Yikes!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fun With Bras

I've performed twice in public as a belly dancer. While the borrowed black choli and my own long skorts are fine for dancing, it's time I had my first belly dance costume. I've been in a few shops locally and the costumes I've seen are in disrepair, don't have chest support or are too expensive for something I'm calling "my first" anything. I know from some belly dance informational sights that a lot of people make their own costumes. I've designed and made other kinds of costumes before, so why not make this one?

I figured the bra was the hardest part. The belt doesn't seem that hard, and skirts and harem pants are pretty simple to make or buy in decent colors. I found a few articles online about how to make your own belly dance bra. There are different schools of thought on padding, sizing (one size too big or your usual size), and straps. The major agreement is that you have to start out with a good base bra that fits snug in the band that you can jiggle around in without popping out.

I found myself at Frederick's (again) on Saturday, and they were having a bra sale. I found a great blue bra for $10. I tried it on, shimmied, bounced and jiggled and nothing fell out. I now have to find some fabric to cover the bra to make it look less like lingerie. I'd like my costume to be blue, so I'm not as worried about some of the base bra showing. I will have to add a row of decoration right along the top of the cup to ensure that there's no nipple surprise once the front is weighed down with coins and bells and jewels. I'll keep you posted on my project as I progress.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I Love This Dog!

Look at her. Seriously. This little Valentine is delicious.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Decisions Decisions

So we shot some potential business card photos in the living room last night. I want something fun. These are the two that made the cut. Now I have to decide which communicates me best.

Hmmmmm . . .

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Business Cards

I've needed "Pamela Moore" business cards for years. I make plans to get them, then I don't have the money or I get new headshots or I decide that I shouldn't get them until I'm good at whatever special skill I want to list on them or whatever. With the impending trip home, I have to get them. I hate giving out day job business cards when it's not appropriate.

I've decided to put my name & phone number on the front. The back will be available for me to scratch down my email address (actor business or pleasure) and my blog website (if I feel it would be appropriate to have that person read my blog - meaning I'm not going to complain about them in my next post). As an actor, I have to have a photo business card. This is the part that gets tricky. I'm going to do a pole picture, but which one? I have to use something fun.

Maybe tonight will be another impromptu photo shoot in my living room in hopes I can get the perfect picture. Maybe Felicity will play along.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good W00+ is on the Way!

In three weeks I fly back to Arkansas to follow the John Mayer Continuum winter tour through two states. My tickets should arrive in the next week for the Fayetteville and Memphis shows. I'm very excited. I get to go to Fayetteville with a friend from college, and I'm taking my dad to Memphis. My dad took me to my first concert when I was four, so taking him to hear good music when he's nearly 63 is good payback. I'll buy him a beer and a t-shirt -- more than I got when we went to see Journey. We're making bootlegs of both shows if the ticketing is the same as last time.

I'm also waiting for my winter tour t-shirts. They were available by special order to Local 83 fan club members. I ordered one for me and one for Andrew. My friend's husband is in a punk band and she said they made most of their money off merchandise, so I want to support John Mayer while getting a groovy green shirt. Of course, this doesn't mean I'm not buying another shirt at the show. I just hope my shirt arrives before I go.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Year, New Tricks

(Pajamas in this photo by Old Navy, gifted to me by my small sister, younger brother & nephew.)

I didn't write down all of my goals and postulates for the year when I made my little goals list. There were too many things to list and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the time. Still overwhelmed but more willing to list things, I'm announcing my goal to master ten new pole tricks this year.

Last year I learned: firefighter, one-handed firefighter, swirl, sail, toe touch, figure skater, figure skater deluxe, cartwheel, vine, vine dive, caterpillar, Superman/Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, chair, lockjaw, fan, rocket, bent knee toe touch, pinwheel, run & jump, jump & squeeze, kick-slide down, climb & slide down, checkmark, jump & drop into splits. (Wow. I didn't realize I knew so many tricks.) These are just pole tricks and don't include the lap dancing, go-go dancing, floor work or ATL. I can do all of these tricks. Sure, some leave bigger bruises than others, but you expect to get bruises when you learn really cool tricks.

I already have a few tricks on my list to master: monkey, barbershop pole, layout, gaucho, crunch, propeller and handstand. This is a photo of the handstand. You do a handstand and your legs catch the pole when you bring them up. It's tough to do right now since I'm still learning body placement. I still need a spotter. Lucky I have a pole in my living room to practice. Since it's not so much a "dance" move (a handstand is pretty static), we pedal with one leg and hold onto the pole with the other leg. I figure if I practice this move three times each day, I'll have it down before the end of this session (a week and a half).

Monday, January 08, 2007

My Center Stage Moment

I love the movie Center Stage. Remember that scene where Jodie Sawyer decides to take a random jazz class because she just wants to dance without all the stress and strain of her ballet regimen? Well, I didn't quite have the same thing going on but I did take a different class.

I love my belly dance teacher. She's great. We work on technique and she really works with us on the basics so we can combine them in a way that looks good. Of course, she encourages us to study with other teachers so we can see what they know and see how other classes run. I need to get more comfortable in the style if I'm doing a solo at our next Dar Maghreb showcase. I decided to join my friend Lois for a different class yesterday.

This class was structured very differently. The warm-up was dancing, then we danced, and then danced to cool down. The class was very "follow the leader" -- we duplicated the teacher's movements as best we could as we followed along. Some students wore jeans and high heels and sandals. I felt overdressed in my harem pants and ballet slippers. I learned some new moves, but this class was more along the lines of just dancing and less basics. It was definitely a workout, and I used some new muscles in my upper abs. I may return for another class there, but I think I'll seek out another technique teacher for my next random class.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Return of the Affaire

Andrew Moore has joined my theatre company. He handed in Torrid Affaire as a writing sample, and the artistic producing director announced at Wednesday night's meeting that the theatre co. will put it up this season. Wow!

Andrew Moore will put together a cast for a reading, present it, tighten it up, and then it makes it onto the calendar. He won't be directing but he is insisting on me reprising Melanie, which is great because he wrote the role for me. (That's his only condition for putting up this piece at this theatre company.) This is really exciting. It will be strange having another director handle me in the piece. Maybe I can even learn a little blues guitar so I can do a little solo during the piece. Hmmmm . . . .

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Out With the Old

I have a lot of stuff. I used to have even more stuff. I've been more willing to get rid of things I don't need lately so I have plenty of room for things I do need and things I really want. As an example, I went through my food storage containers and dropped all the orphaned lids and lidless containers into the recycle bin. Now I have room for the matched lids and containers I have and maybe some new ones.

About two months ago I packed a suitcase full of clothes I never wear. I decided that if I didn't open that suitcase for a month looking for something, I didn't really need to keep what was in it. I emptied the suitcase into two bags - one for Goodwill and one for my small sister.

I've gotten some new undies recently so I decided to go through my underwear drawer and get rid of the ones that have struggling elastic or tiny holes or that I just never wear. I had a pile of panties all ready to pitch. But what do I do with them? I'm not giving them to my sister or Goodwill because that's just wrong. If I put them in the garbage, someone is going to dig through the garbage and dig out the panties (this IS Los Angeles). I'd love to just burn them but you can't just set random fires in the city. What do you do to get rid of old panties?

Felicity claimed a pair of satin ones for the revolution that I wore maybe four times in eight years. The rest are going to wind up in the bin on the curb tomorrow morning for the garbage truck. They're clean so I guess some homeless person could take them. All I can do is put them in the bin and hope for the best.

Monday, January 01, 2007

So What Do I Want This Year?

A pony. No, I don't need the bill that comes with a pony. Here's an abbreviated list of some 2007 goals.

* An agent who gets me work
* Moolah to join SAG (currently $1532 in Hollywood)
* National commercial principal role
* A couple more moles removed
* Ten new pole tricks under my belt
* Better belly dance skills and a special costume made by ME!
* Car paid off
* Sexy new pics for casting submissions (since I can pole dance and go out for sexy roles now)
* Spinners for my home pole OR a second pole that spins
* Great scores on my tests for my Scientology counseling internship
* Another great role in another great play written and directed by the great Andrew Moore
* Mo' money
* Ability to play a guitar solo
* Skill to play all the notes on my chanter with ease so I can get a bagpipe
* At least two awesome John Mayer concert bootlegs
* More discipline so I get even more done in a day

I know every goal takes work, and I know that you get the thing you work for the hardest. It may take longer than you expect, but you'll get there. I guess the next thing to do is leave the computer long enough to get something done about one of these things.

Happy New Year!