Thursday, January 11, 2007

Business Cards

I've needed "Pamela Moore" business cards for years. I make plans to get them, then I don't have the money or I get new headshots or I decide that I shouldn't get them until I'm good at whatever special skill I want to list on them or whatever. With the impending trip home, I have to get them. I hate giving out day job business cards when it's not appropriate.

I've decided to put my name & phone number on the front. The back will be available for me to scratch down my email address (actor business or pleasure) and my blog website (if I feel it would be appropriate to have that person read my blog - meaning I'm not going to complain about them in my next post). As an actor, I have to have a photo business card. This is the part that gets tricky. I'm going to do a pole picture, but which one? I have to use something fun.

Maybe tonight will be another impromptu photo shoot in my living room in hopes I can get the perfect picture. Maybe Felicity will play along.

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