Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dressing Up

I had an audition last Saturday for a short film about a burlesque dancer in 1948. I have dance experience and I know how to do stripper moves, so it was a good role to go out for.

Of course, whenever I go out for a role, I try to dress in a modern but appropriate fashion for the type of character I'm been auditioned for. I wear jeans a lot, but I try to communicate the style the character would have in modern day. For the burlesque role, I threw on my Christmas corset, a tuxedo shirt, pinstripe pants and tall shoes. I curled my hair because it makes me look softer. I've been to lots of auditions where they tell you to wear specific clothes so they can tell how you move and look in them. It helps me get into character when I dress as the character might dress today. I had to move sexy because of what I was wearing.

When I arrived at the audition, there were two other girls auditioning for the role. Both were wearing jeans and hoodies -- what I would wear on a normal day. There was an old guy in the hall in business casual who was auditioning for a role, as was a younger guy. I went in, did my monologue, they laughed and told me I'd know by Friday (yesterday) if they wanted to see me again.

I didn't get a call from them. Was I too hot? I hope the person who did get the role at least ran a brush through her hair before she arrived at the audition.

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