Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fun With Bras

I've performed twice in public as a belly dancer. While the borrowed black choli and my own long skorts are fine for dancing, it's time I had my first belly dance costume. I've been in a few shops locally and the costumes I've seen are in disrepair, don't have chest support or are too expensive for something I'm calling "my first" anything. I know from some belly dance informational sights that a lot of people make their own costumes. I've designed and made other kinds of costumes before, so why not make this one?

I figured the bra was the hardest part. The belt doesn't seem that hard, and skirts and harem pants are pretty simple to make or buy in decent colors. I found a few articles online about how to make your own belly dance bra. There are different schools of thought on padding, sizing (one size too big or your usual size), and straps. The major agreement is that you have to start out with a good base bra that fits snug in the band that you can jiggle around in without popping out.

I found myself at Frederick's (again) on Saturday, and they were having a bra sale. I found a great blue bra for $10. I tried it on, shimmied, bounced and jiggled and nothing fell out. I now have to find some fabric to cover the bra to make it look less like lingerie. I'd like my costume to be blue, so I'm not as worried about some of the base bra showing. I will have to add a row of decoration right along the top of the cup to ensure that there's no nipple surprise once the front is weighed down with coins and bells and jewels. I'll keep you posted on my project as I progress.

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