Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good W00+ is on the Way!

In three weeks I fly back to Arkansas to follow the John Mayer Continuum winter tour through two states. My tickets should arrive in the next week for the Fayetteville and Memphis shows. I'm very excited. I get to go to Fayetteville with a friend from college, and I'm taking my dad to Memphis. My dad took me to my first concert when I was four, so taking him to hear good music when he's nearly 63 is good payback. I'll buy him a beer and a t-shirt -- more than I got when we went to see Journey. We're making bootlegs of both shows if the ticketing is the same as last time.

I'm also waiting for my winter tour t-shirts. They were available by special order to Local 83 fan club members. I ordered one for me and one for Andrew. My friend's husband is in a punk band and she said they made most of their money off merchandise, so I want to support John Mayer while getting a groovy green shirt. Of course, this doesn't mean I'm not buying another shirt at the show. I just hope my shirt arrives before I go.

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