Monday, January 08, 2007

My Center Stage Moment

I love the movie Center Stage. Remember that scene where Jodie Sawyer decides to take a random jazz class because she just wants to dance without all the stress and strain of her ballet regimen? Well, I didn't quite have the same thing going on but I did take a different class.

I love my belly dance teacher. She's great. We work on technique and she really works with us on the basics so we can combine them in a way that looks good. Of course, she encourages us to study with other teachers so we can see what they know and see how other classes run. I need to get more comfortable in the style if I'm doing a solo at our next Dar Maghreb showcase. I decided to join my friend Lois for a different class yesterday.

This class was structured very differently. The warm-up was dancing, then we danced, and then danced to cool down. The class was very "follow the leader" -- we duplicated the teacher's movements as best we could as we followed along. Some students wore jeans and high heels and sandals. I felt overdressed in my harem pants and ballet slippers. I learned some new moves, but this class was more along the lines of just dancing and less basics. It was definitely a workout, and I used some new muscles in my upper abs. I may return for another class there, but I think I'll seek out another technique teacher for my next random class.

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