Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Greek Tragedy

Yesterday morning came with a herald warning that we're waiting (waiting)
Waiting for the world to change.
I adorned my toga and headed off to toil the fields
Digging numbers from the ground and sorting them for the Gods,
Considering that maybe this sacrifice would make them pleased with me.
This day I would return home and dress in royal robes
For the Gods smiled upon me and granted me a
Great Audition Opportunity.
As this play told the story of Medea, Electra, Phaedra and Antigone
All as Homeless Women in the Modern Day,
I went to the Oracle of Wikipedia for guidance.
I was charioted home with great speed to consider the words of the Oracle --
"Daughter of Oedipus, sentenced by the king to starve in a cave, hanged herself."
In my haste, my Cellular Phone was abandoned to its fate on
The Great Paper Laden Altar in the fields.
As my Great Audition was scheduled for Wednesday at six and thirty,
I was charioted away in my royal robes from my home.
Alas, there was no answer at the Director's door, and my chariot had to lap the block as
Hateful Chariot Valets had taken all the parking spaces on the street.
I was frozen, my knocks unanswered, and I felt starvation closing in on me.
Doodlebug had taken my glove, and the night air stole the warmth from my body.
No Cellular Phone, no chariot.
My chariot driver found me, starved and frozen, and passed me his Cellular Phone.
I called the Director.
When she said Wednesday, she meant Wednesday Next.

At least now I have a chance to read the play with all my research to hand.

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