Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Year, New Tricks

(Pajamas in this photo by Old Navy, gifted to me by my small sister, younger brother & nephew.)

I didn't write down all of my goals and postulates for the year when I made my little goals list. There were too many things to list and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the time. Still overwhelmed but more willing to list things, I'm announcing my goal to master ten new pole tricks this year.

Last year I learned: firefighter, one-handed firefighter, swirl, sail, toe touch, figure skater, figure skater deluxe, cartwheel, vine, vine dive, caterpillar, Superman/Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, chair, lockjaw, fan, rocket, bent knee toe touch, pinwheel, run & jump, jump & squeeze, kick-slide down, climb & slide down, checkmark, jump & drop into splits. (Wow. I didn't realize I knew so many tricks.) These are just pole tricks and don't include the lap dancing, go-go dancing, floor work or ATL. I can do all of these tricks. Sure, some leave bigger bruises than others, but you expect to get bruises when you learn really cool tricks.

I already have a few tricks on my list to master: monkey, barbershop pole, layout, gaucho, crunch, propeller and handstand. This is a photo of the handstand. You do a handstand and your legs catch the pole when you bring them up. It's tough to do right now since I'm still learning body placement. I still need a spotter. Lucky I have a pole in my living room to practice. Since it's not so much a "dance" move (a handstand is pretty static), we pedal with one leg and hold onto the pole with the other leg. I figure if I practice this move three times each day, I'll have it down before the end of this session (a week and a half).

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