Thursday, January 04, 2007

Out With the Old

I have a lot of stuff. I used to have even more stuff. I've been more willing to get rid of things I don't need lately so I have plenty of room for things I do need and things I really want. As an example, I went through my food storage containers and dropped all the orphaned lids and lidless containers into the recycle bin. Now I have room for the matched lids and containers I have and maybe some new ones.

About two months ago I packed a suitcase full of clothes I never wear. I decided that if I didn't open that suitcase for a month looking for something, I didn't really need to keep what was in it. I emptied the suitcase into two bags - one for Goodwill and one for my small sister.

I've gotten some new undies recently so I decided to go through my underwear drawer and get rid of the ones that have struggling elastic or tiny holes or that I just never wear. I had a pile of panties all ready to pitch. But what do I do with them? I'm not giving them to my sister or Goodwill because that's just wrong. If I put them in the garbage, someone is going to dig through the garbage and dig out the panties (this IS Los Angeles). I'd love to just burn them but you can't just set random fires in the city. What do you do to get rid of old panties?

Felicity claimed a pair of satin ones for the revolution that I wore maybe four times in eight years. The rest are going to wind up in the bin on the curb tomorrow morning for the garbage truck. They're clean so I guess some homeless person could take them. All I can do is put them in the bin and hope for the best.

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