Monday, January 01, 2007

So What Do I Want This Year?

A pony. No, I don't need the bill that comes with a pony. Here's an abbreviated list of some 2007 goals.

* An agent who gets me work
* Moolah to join SAG (currently $1532 in Hollywood)
* National commercial principal role
* A couple more moles removed
* Ten new pole tricks under my belt
* Better belly dance skills and a special costume made by ME!
* Car paid off
* Sexy new pics for casting submissions (since I can pole dance and go out for sexy roles now)
* Spinners for my home pole OR a second pole that spins
* Great scores on my tests for my Scientology counseling internship
* Another great role in another great play written and directed by the great Andrew Moore
* Mo' money
* Ability to play a guitar solo
* Skill to play all the notes on my chanter with ease so I can get a bagpipe
* At least two awesome John Mayer concert bootlegs
* More discipline so I get even more done in a day

I know every goal takes work, and I know that you get the thing you work for the hardest. It may take longer than you expect, but you'll get there. I guess the next thing to do is leave the computer long enough to get something done about one of these things.

Happy New Year!

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