Thursday, January 25, 2007

Talk Show Work

Yesterday I worked as an audience member on Greg Behrendt's talk show. Why? It paid (not more than the ol' day job, but it did pay something), and I wanted free stuff in case they had any audience give-aways.

It was a full eight-hour day with one show taped in the morning and the other taped after lunch. I liked the crew, and everyone treated us well. After collecting up our cell phones and driver's licenses as we walked through the metal detectors, we were ushered into a room to wait to be loaded onto the set. Since I was a first-timer, I was put in the front row. (You can see me in a green sweater, tan blazer and gray pants in the episode with marriage proposals.)

I enjoyed the show a lot more than I expected. Dude's pretty funny, and he helps people confront their problems in a no-nonsense but friendly way. It helped that I got a free hat, keychain, box of chocolates and a "pocket makeover kit." My hands are still sore from all the applause. Oh well. The show isn't renewed for another season so this Friday is the last day of shooting.

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