Monday, January 22, 2007

Worst . . . Yogurt . . . Ever

I usually like yogurt. I'll eat plain yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit and a packet of Splenda for breakfast, or I'll pick up McYogurt on my way to work. I don't mind the taste. In fact, I think McYogurt is a little too sweet. I tend to like frozen yogurt because it usually tastes just like soft serve ice cream but maybe not as sweet,

After a lunch on the run, Andrew and I rounded the corner at a shopping center in search of ice cream. I knew that this new store replaced a coffee shop, and I only assumed that they had ice cream since I saw two people in the area carrying around sundaes. We went inside the ultra modern and bubbly shop and stood in line for five to ten minutes, waiting to order. We found out it was frozen yogurt, and you could get original or green tea with stuff thrown on top. Andrew HATES yogurt, but I told him that frozen yogurt tends to taste like ice cream so he might like it. We each ordered a small -- his was original with Fruity Pebbles and mine was green tea. We waited another five minutes for them to make it, squeezed past a gaggle of excited children to grab spoons, and headed out the door.

Andrew took one bite and HATED it. The taste haunted him. I tasted mine and it was gross and tart in a way that was unholy. Yuck. I had him shake his Fruity Pebbles onto mine when we reached the nearest garbage can so they wouldn't go to waste. I ate the Pebbles on the way to a local coffee shop where we would try to evacuate the taste from our mouths. We wasted $7 on the crappiest frozen yogurt ever, but I've spent far more on food I've liked far less.

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