Monday, February 05, 2007

Fayettenam - Time in the Trenches

Four hours up and four hours down - roughly. Snow fell as I was driving. Kae and I got the notice about the sound check at noon. The deal with the sound check is that Local-83 members had to be in line to go in for the sound check by 3:30 PM. Mapquest promised a 3.5 hour trip, and that doesn't take weather into account. I brushed my teeth and we hopped in the car, hauling ass. We made one stop for the bathroom, food and gas.

We made it to Fayetteville at about 3:40 PM. Mapquest wouldn't print a map to Barn Hill Arena -- it only pulls up directions to Bud Walton Stadium. We circled around the University of Arkansas campus trying to find the venue. No luck. That's when we called Andrew Moore. He navigated from 2000 miles away.

We trekked through snow to Barn Hill only to find we couldn't get in. We were too late. It was 4 PM. Oh well. Better luck next time, right?

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