Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Getting an Education

I helped host a strippy party Saturday night. I always enjoy working these parties because I help women feel sexy and confident. I also learned a new little trick so I could help teach it to the group. I've noticed that having to teach someone else something I know makes me more skilled with that thing. I have to really break down the way it works and totally understand what I'm talking about so I can convey it to another correctly. My skill level improves just by teaching.

And along that line, I'm choreographing a dance number for my theatre company's upcoming gala. I'm no mistress of tap or jazz or modern dance. No, I'm Strippy McStrip. I can strip, pole dance, lap dance and chair dance. So I'm choreographing a sexy little chair dance. We're auditioning ladies this weekend from the company. This should really make me a better dancer.

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