Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"It was you. You broke my heart" - Michael Corleone

Today is my birthday. Tomorrow is my younger brother's. My dad's is next Tuesday, and my tiny nephew's is next Saturday. Know what that means -- other than June is heavy mating season in my family? We had to do a group birthday party before I left Arkansas.

My cute younger brother and I decided we'd put together the party. We hunted around the party store for a theme that would work for all of us. We didn't want to do Mardi Gras or luau or fiesta. No Spongebob or dinosaurs or Bratz. No, we weren't inspired until we passed a bag of horse head finger puppets. My brother started laughing and said they reminded him of The Godfather. I told him we could do a Godfather birthday if he wanted. (As a side note, my tiny nephew loves watching The Godfather.) So that's what we did.

We got a chocolate and strawberry ice cream cake from Dairy Queen because it looked like it had blood trickling down the side. We took red frosting and squeezed it on the top of the cake, then mashed the horse heads into the frosting. We got cheap bowlers (closest we could find to gangster hats), casino paper plates, and buttermints in "money" wrappers. We looked for toy guns at a couple stores but we had no luck. Everyone loved the birthday party.

Sure, our party was a little off-kilter. We made tons of horse jokes for the entire evening. But things like this create the best memories. We'll all be talking about that party for years to come.

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