Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Second John Mayer Show of 2007: Old Dog Sees New Tricks

I went to my first concert at age four. It was Journey. It was a family affair with both of my parents, my oldest sister and my older brothers. I fell in love with live music. (No wonder I married a musician.)

I had to take Dad to see John Mayer in Memphis. Dad loves music, and he loaded me up with old albums from my early childhood (and before) when I visited last spring. I wanted him to experience the Eric Clapton of my generation, to have the same joyful experience that Andrew and I get from John Mayer shows.

Our tickets were 16th row on the floor. I didn't have much room to dance around (didn't want to hit the old man's hip and knock him over), but I sang along with all the songs and I bootlegged until the recorder was full. Dad LOVED the show. Seriously, he LOVED it. He talked about how great it was from the moment JM started playing until we said our goodbyes Saturday night. He was still raving when I called him last night to tell him I got home safely. He even read the back of his t-shirt to find out if there was another tour stop in the area so he could take my oldest brother.

John Mayer, you have yet another fan now. It's time we made that trade -- your guitar for my small sister.

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