Friday, February 16, 2007

My Very Own Little Strippy Class

While I was in Hot Springs, I taught a strippy class to my sister and a couple of her friend. I didn't take my camera, so there aren't any photos. They had a little party with Valentine's themed treats. I think they expected it to be less of a workout.

I started out warming them up with some floor stuff they can use in their actual dances. See, the actual lap dance isn't as long as a song, and if you did one style of lap dance for an entire song then a man could get desensitized to the dancing. That's why it's important to have other moves. So I warmed them up slowly, and they moaned and groaned because they used muscles they never think about. Then I showed them how to do the sexy walk without shoes. Then it was lap dance time. They each learned two styles and practiced on each other.

It was tons of fun teaching these girls this stuff. I knew a couple of them from when they were tiny Girl Scouts. I think they're going to start a little strippy group to meet on weekends and practice. I'd love to teach another class when I go back again. It helps me improve my strippy skills when I have to teach them to someone else.

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