Friday, February 23, 2007


I've been focusing on my stripper dancing a lot lately. I'm watching DVDs at home and YouTube to pick up new tricks. I did a little show on Wednesday so I could put my living room pole to use. Last night I did the crunch (which I finally got down a couple weeks ago) and I conquered the monkey! I'll have to post a photo of the monkey when I get a chance. That was the toughest one so far (besides the propeller, which I don't know yet). I'm also much better with the vine dive. I stole a trick from YouTube and named it; a gal did a lockjaw with both legs bent, so I took it and called it the vise.

My goal was to learn ten new tricks this year. I think I have four down and it's the end of February. I need to come up with bigger goals.

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