Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Walking in Memphis . . . Late

Remember ol' "better luck next time"? Yeah, that didn't work out. My dad and I left Hot Springs to make the three hour trip to Memphis at 11:30 Friday morning. Sound check was scheduled for 3:30 PM again, so I had to be in line to go in by then. Dad thought I was nuts leaving that early.

A little over an hour into our trip, we hit a traffic jam on the interstate. A semi truck went off the road at four that morning and was still partially blocking a lane of traffic. Cars and trucks were backed up for several miles. Forty-five minutes passed before we were mobile again.

We reached Memphis at 3:32 PM. Our Mapquest map told us to turn down an exit that wasn't there. I guess they mapped the area before there was road construction. We spent 45 minutes rambling around the city hunting for Fed Ex Forum. (There aren't any signs until you're blocks away from it, and we were too late for me to get in at 3:32 PM anyway.) We would've made it if it wasn't for that damn truck and that damn wrong map.

In Memphis, Dad and I found ourselves wandering down Beale Street. I thought he'd enjoy visiting the home of the blues since so much music is blues-inspired. It was on Beale Street where I learned that my father hates blues. Oops. At least we had a decent barbecue sandwich at B.B. King's.

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