Tuesday, February 06, 2007


"If music be the food of life . . . play on." --Shakespeare

I had an amazing experience that's hard to put into words. At the Memphis show, I was able to get to the guard rail in front of the stage with my camera. I saw John Mayer performing the hell out of "Covered in Rain" and I was moved. You see, he's a very charismatic performer. He loves what he does and it shows. He's so involved with creating the music for the audience that you get wrapped up in the performance. He even gets all sweaty making music.

As I watched, I thought to myself, 'This is the kind of performer I want to be.' I want to get so involved with what I do that I'm just creating my art for the audience. I want to have that spark that makes people want to watch. I love what I do, and I want people to see that. Besides, I get all sweaty when I act, dance, and sing. That's what I love to see in a performer, and I strive to do that myself. I need to work on it with my guitar playing, but I'm sure that will come as my skill and confidence increase.

I also realized that Andrew Moore is this kind of performer. Whether it's puppets, acting or music, he's so charismatic it's hard to watch anyone else on stage with him. Aahh. Andrew Moore.

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