Thursday, February 01, 2007

Weather Freaks

(No pics until I get back home since Kae doesn't have the same camera hook-up that I do.)

I was waiting to board my plane to Little Rock in the Las Vegas airport yesterday and I overheard people talking about how terrible the weather was in Arkansas. "If we don't get on the road by 3 PM then we're gonna be trapped because of all the black ice." "Well, I heard from my neighbor that they're closing down all the roads throughout the state." "Tomorrow no one will be able to go anywhere because the entire state will be closed." This was too much chaos. I called Andrew and he read me the weather report and it didn't sound that bad.

I had snow hitting my windshield as I drove down from the airport, but it was really nothing. It was cold, but I wasn't getting trapped by all the black ice. It started to snow a little, and all of the local grocery stores and restaurants closed early because of the snow since the roads were supposed to get "real bad." My mom even postponed our dinner date because she was worried about us traveling on the snowy roads.

Well, Pammy gotta eat, so we took the rental car into the city (with the "terrible roads") and hit the grocery store followed by McDonald's. Then, for fun, we took the twisty road back. Not a lick of ice. The locals made it sound like the world was coming to an end.

This is how people behave in L.A. when it rains, except for all the closings.

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