Monday, March 26, 2007

The Big Bra Adventure: Part One

My belly dance troupe is performing May 1st at Dar Maghreb Restaurant in Hollywood. We discussed getting troupe costumes, but there's nothing available at the best website for a reasonable price that we all like. So my teacher decided we'll all wear black and silver like we did for our recital and showcase in December. I didn't do a solo at the showcase, so I didn't dress up very much. This time is different. This time I need some bling.

I decided to start construction on my first belly dance bra. It's not supposed to look like underwear, so there are alterations that have to be done. I got the bra for cheap from Frederick's a few months back, but I wasn't sure what color I'd want. Looks like it's going to be black. As promised, I'm documenting my experience here.

First I had to cut off the back where the straps meet the band. The closure will be replaced with something a little more sturdy, like a big hook and eye. I didn't cut the band off at the cup because I like the little stretch that the bra sides give. I folded under the excess fabric and stitched it so it's ready for 1" cotton twill tape for the closure. I also removed the straps completely since I'll probably turn it into a halter so I don't have to worry about straps sliding down my shoulders.

For my next step, I have to get that cotton twill tape and some black fabric to make the back and straps and cover the bra. After that, I get to decorate. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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