Monday, March 05, 2007

Blown Away

I'm mostly self-taught as a guitarist. Andrew has shown me some things here and there, I have some books that I skim for tips, and I've watched a DVD for dummies. I need to learn about soloing, so I rented the House of Blues blues guitar DVD from Netflix many months ago. Andrew watched part of it, loved it, and we bought it. I just sat down to do a lesson from it on Saturday evening. I always watch these things from the very beginning to fill in any holes in my education.

I've always had trouble with barre chords (or, as I like to call them, cheater chords) even though they're supposed to be the easiest to play. While watching the DVD, I learned that my left hand grip on the neck was wrong. I used to use my thumb to push my fingers around so only the tips would touch the strings. I would get wicked hand cramps. I discovered that I could just relax my hand and let my thumb rest. I was able to play a barre chord as soon as I matched the picture. Dude! I noticed that my hand actually was big enough to wrap around the neck. Maybe one day I'll be able to use my thumb in playing like John Mayer does.

This DVD is amazing. I recommend it for any guitarist who wants to improve technique. Andrew has learned a few things from the DVD, and he's been playing for years.

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