Thursday, March 01, 2007

New Pretties

I'm about to reveal something that I may not be at liberty to discuss, but I'm going to do it anyway. My theatre company will be producing A Midsummer Night's Dream this year. I met with the director last night to see how my pole skills might be of use to the production. The fairies will be a major part of the show, and they'll be very organic. Based on the communication I've had with the head of our little theatre family, I was under the impression he was going to use stripper poles and harnesses. Nope. He plans to use tissu.

I have no experience with tissu. I've had an interest in it since Gabrielle mentioned she took a class years ago. I need to take this class so I have some familiarity with what he's trying to do, and I need to know if it's safe or even possible for us to implement this aesthetic choice. And I want to take the class anyway. So it looks like next Friday my pole pal Jana and I will be attending our first tissu class in Inglewood.


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