Friday, March 23, 2007


Last night in class we talked about our burlesque stripper persona. We also talked more about costuming for our final. I figure Andrew will pick out something for me to wear, pick out my music and I'll rock the house. Of course, this doesn't necessarily decide my "stripper persona."
So who am I, as a stripper? Am I really a nice girl? I always figured that with the pirate language and great belching skills that I wasn't really a girl next-door. I go to the nude beach, I curse, I like wearing jeans. But I'm fairly light on my feet as a dancer, and I'm a very conventional girl. I usually vote the same as my husband. Am I a pearls-wearing, martini-fetching kind of girl?
This is a little scary to consider.
OMG. I think I am a nice girl.

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