Monday, March 19, 2007

Pulling a Dance From My . . . You Know

I'm little more than a month away from the belly dance showcase at Dar Maghreb. I promised a solo back in November. What was I thinking?

I'm a better pole dancer than belly dancer. The movements come more natural to me, and I've been doing it longer. I usually have no problem improvising with pole. Throw on a song and I'll go nuts. Different story with belly dancing. I always find myself thinking "What next?" I also introvert because I can't think of moves fast enough so my transitions are crap. Throw on a song and I'll make Forrest Gump faces for a minute before I start moving around.

I had to start getting myself in gear for the upcoming showcase. I feel good about the group numbers, but the solo was haunting me. I finally selected music on Friday. I tried dancing around the kitchen to it on Saturday, but I made a lot of Forrest Gump faces as I tried to figure out what to do next. Sometimes it feels as if I only know two moves. I went online to find help.

I found some great articles here. The one on improvisation saved my life. There are specific rules about reprinting, so I thought it would be better to send you there for a look. The improvisation article can apply to any kind of dancing or music. It's very cool. I read the article and my dance started to take shape. It's not nearly done, but I actually have some ideas now.

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