Friday, March 30, 2007

Tuesday Night Affaire

We had the ceremonious reading of Andrew's play, Torrid Affaire, Tuesday night at Write Act. I love this show and I really want to do it again, so I rolled my attention into producing a great event that people would want to attend so that we would get the feedback (and votes) we needed to get the show produced. We had wine, beer, soft drinks, chips and cookies set out in pink dishes on a pink tablecloth. (It was a "Torrid Affaire" party, after all. Had to make it look good.) We also had a raffle for the "Sexy Sack," a goody bag with show-themed treats -- hot chocolate, a scented candle, guitar picks, Altoids and an airbrushed book of positions from Borders. We had people enter with their stripper names (first pet's name and mother's maiden name) to make it even more fun.

The reading went well. It took about an hour and fifteen minutes, which is about what the show runs without someone reading the stage directions and without people rushing through lines. There were lots of laughs. There were some lines and references that could be scrapped that I hadn't caught before. (As a side note, I don't feel bad saying there were some things in the script that could be tweaked or cut even though Andrew wrote the script. Part of our relationship involves one reading the other's work and saying what works and doesn't. Love's a beautiful thing.) What was fantastic was that the show still felt fresh for me.

In the Q&A after the reading, we got a great response. There were some nice suggestions for the area that Andrew felt was the weakest. No one had any off-the-wall criticism of the show. They all followed it easily and enjoyed the dialogue. I felt it was very productive. Andrew was showered with compliments. We don't get the feedback forms until the producers have met and finish discussing them. I think that based on the verbal feedback, we stand a great chance of getting the show up later this year or early next year.

(Photo of Andrew in his "writer/director" sweater and Gregory Crafts who played Jonah in the reading.)

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