Wednesday, March 07, 2007

You Want Me to Put a Dollar Where?

Last night we went to a belly dance showcase at Dar Maghreb in Hollywood. This is where I danced in December and will be dancing again in May. My teacher puts together a dance showcase the first Tuesday night of every month, and the dancers are always different. If you make special reservations for the showcase, you can get a great Moroccan meal for $25 a person while watching live dancing. Since I'm performing a solo (eek) and two troupe numbers in two months, I thought I should go, show my support, and steal whatever moves I could.

What I found particularly interesting was the tipping aspect. These dancers work hard and deserve tips. They have lots of places to put them - arm bands, bra straps, fancy belts. What was funny was watching men tip them. It was as if they were uncomfortable that they'd have to touch a strange woman's flesh to give her a dollar. If they tucked the money too awkwardly then it would just fall out onto the floor. In their defense, the dancer is shaking and gyrating and sometimes playing hard to get while the man is trying to tip. It's actually really cute to watch.

For all you dance patrons out there, here's your lesson. Fold your bill (or bills) lengthwise. Tuck them in a strap or belt. Belly dancers aren't trashy, so leave the boobies alone. If the dancer plays hard to get, dance along with her and tuck the money when you can. She's trying to entertain you, so let her. Also, tip her nicely. Not everyone can move like that.

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